ttc bus fire

TTC bus passengers sprayed by fire suppression system and nobody seemed surprised

If your TTC bus caught on fire, would you panic? Would you trample fellow passengers in terror? Or would you just shrug and orderly exit the vehicle knowing that spontaneous vehicle combustion probably isn't the wildest thing to happen on public transit that day?

If you picked option three, congratulations. You are a true TTC rider, or perhaps one of the many who calmly evacuated a Dufferin bus on Tuesday afternoon like it was nothing.

The TTC 29 Dufferin route is not exactly known for its luxurious conditions, even taking on the nickname "29 Sufferin'" in an ode to the misery riders often face.

Passengers riding bus #9027 operating the route on Tuesday got a taste of that sufferin', when their bus' fire impression began to spew in error.

"The Sufferin Dufferin Bus never disappoints," reads one Twitter comment, as people pile on to take shots at the troubled transit network.

A TTC representative confirms the incident to blogTO, initially stating that the "fire suppression system on board took care of it," adding that nobody was injured.

It was later clarified that no fire actually took place, and the fire suppression system went off in error.

According to a Globe and Mail reporter who was on the scene, nobody seemed even remotely surprised by the infrastructure failure, and many commenters seem to agree that this is just par for the course.

One comment says that the whole situation, including the fire and general lack of surprise on the faces of riders, is "the most on point #tdot thing i have seen in awhile."

Another summed it up perfectly, saying, "These are seasoned Dufferin bus riders. They've seen things."

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