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A popular Toronto swimming pool is already closed for the rest of the season

Toronto is in for another scorching, humid, sweaty summer, one that residents of The Beaches neighbourhood will have to manage without the help of a popular pool.

The Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pools at 1867 Lake Shore Blvd. E. are usually packed this time of year, but 2022 will see no splashing and general cooling off at this location after city crews discovered a pretty major problem while prepping the attraction for the start of the season.

According to the city's page for the pool: "While preparing for the 2022 summer season, staff unexpectedly discovered significant damage to liners in the 25-meter training pool and 50-metre Olympic pool, caused by inclement winter weather."

"To ensure the facility is able to open for the 2022 season, staff are expediting an emergency liner replacement for the 25-metre pool. The 50-metre pool will not be open for the 2022 season. Staff cannot successfully source and install the pool's liner in time."

In classic Toronto fashion, news of the pool's closure emerged earlier in the week as Toronto braced for a sweltering heat spike, temperatures feeling like 41 C on Thursday.

There is, understandably, some anger from local politicians over the unexpected full-season closure of Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pools.

The revelation that the pool will remain closed comes as city officials face criticism from media and the public over water fountains and other public water infrastructure remaining out of service well into June.

This just serves as further evidence that the city has a big problem managing water assets.

According to the city, the main 50-metre pool's liner and repair "will be completed as a part of the planned pool enhancement project in 2023."

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