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Toronto finally reopens water fountains after outpouring of complaints

This past weekend was a scorcher in Toronto, with 30+ C temps drawing residents out of their houses to enjoy the sunny, summery weather by hitting up beaches, parks, the islands and other outdoor settings while patio dining and other activities remain off-limits (albeit only for a few more days).

Unfortunately for those who were out and about in the city's green spaces, staying hydrated proved to be far more of a challenge than usual, since all water fountains across T.O. still appeared to be out of order.

Residents were shocked and disappointed to find that they couldn't grab a quick sip of fluids or fill up their water bottles at park fountains, which was especially concerning given the heat wave and the fact that Toronto parks have been so damn busy lately.

There is also the fact that outdoor recreational amenities such as sports fields and tennis courts in our green spaces have been open for a few weeks now — and the people using them to stay active will naturally need a drink of water.

As part of the reopening of park amenities, things like splash pads also resumed operations in late May. But yet, counterintuitively, drinking fountains still weren't operational for some reason.

So many complaints on the topic abounded on social media that Ward 14 Toronto-Danforth Councillor Paula Fletcher tweeted to let citizens know that apparently, provincial COVID-19 restrictions prohibited fountains from opening, but that local politicians were on the case.

In response to the commotion, Mayor John Tory finally addressed the issue, stating Monday afternoon that 200 park water sources were now open, and that city staff were working toward opening all 700 ASAP.

Hopefully the continued loosening of other aspects of COVID-19 lockdown won't be so sluggish and downright illogical as the city begins returning to normal in the coming weeks.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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