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Pickup truck driver near Toronto unplugs Tesla while owner naps in car

A driver near Toronto just had a particularly bizarre experience when trying to take a nap in his Tesla.

In a video uploaded to Reddit by OrdinarySpecialist38, a pickup driver is seen pulling over and unplugging a Tesla Model 3 at a public charging port near Milton.

The video went viral on Reddit after the Tesla's owner, who was asleep inside the car, shared the footage.

The peculiar act was captured by the Tesla's Sentry Mode system, which activated the camera once the truck pulled in.

OrdinarySpecialist38 asked on Reddit, "anyone know the incentives for this behaviour?"

The Tesla owner explained he was "napping in the back seat, opened my eyes to see this Discount Bill Burr pull out the plug and fudge with the adapter and port."

The car's owner said once he saw the truck driver unplugging his car, he poked his head outside and yelled to him, "PUT MY THING BACK IN."

Some users on Reddit assumed the man was just fed up with the inflated gas prices in Ontario.

"Just  because you're bitter that gas prices are the highest they've ever been doesn't mean you need to be a jerk to an EV owner," one Reddit user wrote.

Although it's unclear what his motives were, the truck driver left the scene without further incident.

It's safe to say the original poster will be napping with one eye open from now on.

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