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CRA is coming for your CERB repayment and Canadians are worried

CRA wants your CERB repayment whether you like it or not.

If you were among the many people in Canada that took advantage of the Canadian Emergency Response Program (CERB) in the last two years, you might want to double check your claims were legitimate.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is now in the process of verifying the many payments they distributed to people at the beginning of the lockdown and many Canadians are currently being told they have to pay some or all of that money back. 

Though it's not clear yet how many people will receive these lovely notices in the mail, it could be devastating to low-income people who may be unable to pay back what they've received. 

It doesn't end there - verification work will continue over the next four years as new data from tax returns and records of employment come into play, according to Employment and Social Development Canada. 

Advocates are asking the government to forgive these debts which could severely affect people's livelihoods.

They're also stressing the fact that a lot of people didn't know who was eligible to receive CERB payments, many of them getting more money than they were qualified for without even realizing it. 

Though there are always exceptions, many CERB recipients who are now facing repayment did not apply with the intention of abusing the system.

A lot of people are worried about what's to come, criticizing the government for not simply letting the payments go. 

Especially with inflation, the general consensus is that CERB should be treated as a grant instead of a loan. Much of the money that people have received has already been spent on rent and other necessities. 

Anyone who wishes to challenge their notice should contact the CRA to verify their claim.

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