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You can make $90K as a Canada Border Services officer with only a high school diploma

Canada Border Services jobs are surprisingly lucrative, given that they require no post-secondary education or experience to land. I'm talking up to $77,000 per year with a $125 per week living stipend — and that's just for trainees.

So, if you're looking for a new gig, a big adventure, or simply lots of cash in the very near future, you'll be happy to know that the Canada Border Services Agency is on a hiring blitz.

"The CBSA Border Services officer selection process is now open," announced the federal law enforcement agency via Twitter on Wednesday. "Our diverse team of officers make a difference in the lives of Canadians across the country. Apply today!"

The agency is looking for people who are service-oriented, analytical, have strong communication skills and want to make up to $89,068 per year post-training (with a healthy bonus if you speak both English and French.)

You need to be a Canadian citizen to get the job, must have a valid driver's licence, and must pass a security screening, but you don't need any post-secondary education to become an officer (though the job listing notes that a university degree or college diploma is considered an asset. Same with French fluency.)

That's not to say that you'll be heading to the front lines of border security with no training; If you're selected for the role, you get to attend a 12-week "Officer Induction Training Program" at the Canada Border Services Agency College in Quebec. 

There, you'll complete various exams, medical and psychological assessments, courses including firearms safety and other types of training.

It doesn't sound easy, but it does sound like a really cool job for the right kind of person, who is described by the government as "anyone who wants to serve their country and be challenged every day."

You're also almost guaranteed to have a least a few incredibly cute coworkers.

The pay and benefits are nice, and the work sounds like it can be exciting, but there's one important caveat to note for any potential applicants: To get the job, you must agree to work at ANY border crossing in Canada.

"When you apply to the CBSA officer trainee (developmental) selection process, you need to be aware that you are committing to accept a posting anywhere in Canada," reads the recruitment website.

"This may include rural and remote areas. You need to fully understand the commitment you are making and embrace the opportunity on a personal and professional level."

You can indicate a preference, but there's no guarantee you won't end up at a snowy rail port in The Yukon, as opposed to 20 minutes from your house at Pearson International Airport.

In addition to agreeing to work in remote or isolated areas, officers must also be willing to work overtime, travel domestically and internationally as required, willing to work shifts on rotations, including weekends and statutory holidays and "carry, use and maintain CBSA-issued defensive equipment."

Interested? The agency is now accepting applications to its officer trainee program, but only until July 4, 2022. So get to applying and maybe I'll see you at customs someday. 

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