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Toronto Jeopardy! sensation Mattea Roach breaks new record with 21st straight win

At just 23 years of age, loveable Toronto-based braniac Mattea Roach has become one of the most-successful Jeopardy! contestants of all time, rising into fifth place this week on the show's all-time list of consecutive wins.

Roach, an LSAT tutor who graduated from U of T in 2020, won her 21st straight game in a row on Tuesday night's episode of the iconic American TV quiz show, helped along (at least in part) by an eerily tailored Final Jeopardy! question.

"Terre de nos aieux' follows the title in the French version of this anthem," read the clue, which fell under the category of "National Anthems."

Roach wasn't the only contestant to guess "O Canada," but she was the only Canadian represented on the panel last night. Getting that one wrong would have been an embarassing way to lose for a young woman who is fast-becoming the pride of our entire country.

Roach has now earned a grand prize total of $506,584 in U.S. dollars (around $649,711 CAD) and stands to earn much more if her winning streak continues.

"That's going to be how I get on the property ladder," she said of her Jeopardy! winnings last week after crushing 16 straight games.

"On some level, it's a little bit grim that I had to go on a game show — and not just appear on a game show but be one of literally the top contestants to ever be on that show — to feel like I have now some chance at like having financial security in my twenties."

The Gen Z Jeop-master has been making not only her country, but her entire generational cohort proud with comments like these. After some controversy involving NBC using her sexual orientation as a descriptor, Roach has also spoken out in support of LGBT visibility.

The Halifax native heads into her 22nd game of Jeopardy! this evening, where she'll face off against a high school teacher from New Hampshire and a banking manager from Mississippi.

According to Jeopardy!'s own box score statisticts, Roach has managed to answer a staggering 92 per cent of questions correctly across all 21 games she's played to date.

She is far and away the longest reigning Canadian Jeopardy! champion of all time, and now holds spot number six on the show's list of regular highest total winnings. 

"There she is at half a million dollars and that ain't Canadian dollars," wrote one fan of roach on Jeopardy's YouTube channel. "I can see her just keeping on going all the way to one million and more."

"Though many countries have Jeopardy! franchises, Canada is not one of them," noted another. "Instead, Canadians, like Mattea, who want to compete on Jeopardy have to come to Los Angeles and play on the US flagship. Mattea is just the latest of several fine Canadian Jeopardy champions." 

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