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Someone made a tool for strategic voting in the 2022 Ontario election

Strategic voting is a thing again for the 2022 Ontario Election.

With signed and mail-in voting already started, residents are (hopefully) now doing their due dilligence in completing their research about all of the provincial candidates in preparation for actual election day on June 2.

And while there may be some platforms or policies you love from the certain parties, the reality is that sometimes, voting for who you actually want to win is futile given their likelihood of winning.

In comes strategic voting, where you vote not for your favourite MPP and Leader, but for whoever has the odds of ensuring the person or party you don't want doesn't end up winning the riding and a seat.

If you, for example, vehemently want Doug Ford and thus your local Progressive Conservative MPP out, the choice of who to vote for can be a difficult one: is it your local Liberal politician who will most likely win over the Conservatives, or is it the NDP?

A new tool called Vote Them All Out — which has a blatant political bias against Ford and his team — can help you get the answer.

On the site, one simply enters their postal code to find their electoral district. The tool then advises which party to vote for strategically to oust Ford, based on the math on past election results and 2022 poll projections.

The site assures that, besides its outright interest of voting the PCs out, "there has been absolutely no political bias (between left/centre political parties) and/or intervention of any kind in determining these results — they have been mathematically/programmatically determined."

Taken into consideration are the past winning party in your riding, the runner-up party and which party is doing best in local poll projections.

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