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People in Ontario were asked to pick a leader to have a beer with and it's a clear winner

The Ontario election campaign has officially begun, and feelings about the province's various political leaders are more passionate than ever as promises are announced and votes begin to be cast.

Aside from all their platforms and policies, there are also the less important factors of a candidate's charisma and personality.

And, though much of the province loves to hate current Premier Doug Ford for various reasons — his team's management of lockdowns, his controversial love for constructing new highways and interest in demolishing buildings without following the proper processes — there is something about him as a person, not necessarily a leader, that some people seem to like.

According to the results of a new election-related poll that is far more lighthearted in nature, Ford is the top candidate that Ontarians would want to have a beer or coffee with, if given the chance.

But, there was an even more prominent winner: none of the above.

The Ipsos survey conducted virtually and by phone this month asked residents which they'd prefer to hang out and chat with over a drink or some coffee: Premier Doug Ford, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, or Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca.

Ford came out significantly on top of the three, with 30 per cent of votes; Horwath followed with 16 per cent, and Del Duca got just eight per cent.

The overwhelming majority of participants — nearly half, at 46 per cent — said that they actually wouldn't take any of the leaders up on the offer.

"Honestly Doug Ford. I know. But still," one person said on Twitter, choosing what he saw as the most enjoyable company out of the three.

"I would rather watch paint dry until the end of time than have a beer or coffee with Del Duca or Horwath," another added, also apparently opting for Ford.

Yet another said they'd choose Ford "for funsies... he strikes me as a guy who can unwind and have a good time."

Still others replied with a simple "oof" or "ouch" to the damning results, as shared to the platform today.

As one constituent said in summary, "f*** 'em all."

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