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Ontario driver avoiding RIDE check was hiding thousands of pot plants in their car

Motorists in the Toronto area get up to some pretty zaney antics when they're not getting their cars stolen: Sleeping in the middle of intersections! Operating vehicles overflowing with beer cans, or better yet, while drinking beer! Speeding while their friend chills in the back of a packed moving truck!  Shooting fireworks from moving vehicles! Tons of fun stuff, really.

The latest story of a person getting busted for some hilarious (and potentially dangerous) driving shenanigans in the province took place during a RIDE check, which the individual in question was doing the most to avoid — which made them all the more conspicuous as they flew down a nearby dead-end sidestreet.

Ontario Provincial Police in Simcoe stopped the vehicle, and quickly realized why the person behind the wheel was trying to steer clear: their car was filled to the brim with pot plants.

The West Region detachment of the force said on Twitter that a 36-year-old has now been charged for transporting the plants, of which there were a whopping 2,000 or so — not the easiest number to try and, you know, hide from police who are sticking their head in your window.

Though the driver may have though they were being sneaky by moving the contraband at 1:30 a.m. on a Thursday night, they whole point of the RIDE program is to catch intoxicated motorists off guard.

In Canada, it is illegal for a person to have one or more cannabis plants that are budding or flowering (or possess more than four that aren') in a public place, putting this individual at 2,000 times the legal limit.

The Markham man could face some serious jail time as a result.

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