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Ontario police bust drunk driver in car literally overflowing with beer cans

Though there's absolutely nothing funny about putting the lives of yourself and others at risk by driving under the influence, drunk drivers are notorious for some pretty entertaining antics when caught in the act.

Whether its trying to pass off an Apple Music account as a driver's license or very conspicuously throwing snowballs at fellow motorists, drunk drivers in Ontario have failed to hide their inebriation in some pretty interesting ways lately.

Late last week, one middle-aged man decided that he would not only drive drunk, but do so with a car literally overflowing with beer cans, lest he even try to pretend that he was in a suitable condition to get behind the wheel.

The Central Region division of the Ontario Provincial Police busted the 58-year-old driving with a blood alcohol level that was a whopping three times the legal limit, perhaps meaning that he actually consumed the dozens of cans of beer that were pouring out of his truck that very day.

According to a tweet from the force, the perpetrator also already had two separate drunk driving suspensions on his record.

"There is no excuse — DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!" officers reminded the public along with a photo of the mess of alcohol cans on the floor and in the door of the passenger's side of the vehicle.

Based on the response online, it seems that most people believe the brazen repeat offender will simply strike again unless more severely punished, perhaps with years of jail time and/or forfeiture of his vehicle.

"It should be no legal limit if you willing to drive," one person quite reasonably suggested. "0.00 is the legal limit for me."

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