dog poop toronto

Dog poop vigilante shaming Toronto neighbourhood is the hero we deserve

A Toronto neighbourhood appears to have a major dog poop problem, one that an apparent vigilante has taken a stand against by fighting fire with fire, or feces with feces, I guess. Sorry.

Clearly fed up with bag upon bag of dog poop littering their quiet, residential neighbourhood near Yonge and Finch, an unknown crap crusader collected and arranged dozens of bags of discarded poop, an extreme show of dissatisfaction with inconsiderate pet owners in the area.

In a Facebook post shared over the weekend, an area resident says that they found the duplicitously-dropped dung display and an accompanying sign in the Yonge and Finch neighbourhood.

"This person collected all the doggy do do [sic] bags and put them on high display. Not a happy camper. Points for marketing! Got my attention."

dog poop toronto

The makeshift sign — made of paper, sticks, zip ties, and permanent marker — gets its message of shame across to any dog walkers who happen upon it, despite being littered with spelling and grammar errors.

"Pick up your Garbages! There are not yours? I am sure It's your neighbors," the sign reads, managing to make at least four errors along the way.

But it's really not the sign that shocks passersby as much as the repulsive repository made up of approximately 30 bags of canine excrement that surround it.

Imagine how angry you'd have to be to even pick up one point-proving pouch of pooch poop. Now multiply that feeling by approximately 30, and you get the excrement exhibition currently on display in North York.

Someone really took the time and trouble to set up this alarming display in an apparent breaking point over the neighbourhood poop problem, but with the combined environmental factor of discarded single-use plastic and the gross disrespect of leaving bagged dumps around, it's not too difficult to imagine this vile vigilante's anger.

How they addressed that anger, well, that's a bit harder for one to relate to.

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Ed Lum

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