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Terrifying incidents involving motorists and cyclists has Toronto fuming

A serious injury to a cyclist and an alarming viral video this weekend have many in Toronto calling for more action, including renewed calls for Lake Shore West to be closed to motorists, at least on summer weekends.

ActiveTO was a huge success the last two summers as the city grappled with lockdowns and made unprecedented changes to encourage residents to get outside on foot and on bike.

Lake Shore West was one of the beneficiaries as lanes were closed between Jameson Avenue and Stadium Road for most of the summer.

The result? Cyclists and pedestrians turned out in huge numbers to enjoy the waterfront route in a safe way. 

The temporary initiative was largely deemed a success despite complaints from motorists about unbearable traffic jams and annoying detours.

This year? No ActiveTO route closures have been announced so far and if it comes back, many expect it to be in a much diminished scope. 

The incident this weekend showed that even with dedicated bike lanes, cyclists in the city still aren't safe from motorists when things go awry.

In this weekend's incident, Toronto Police say the "life-altering injuries" occurred when a driver lost control of their vehicle, "went off the road and hit a cyclist."

Reports have many in Toronto fuming mad, suggesting that injuries like this to cyclists could be prevented if only the City had the will to act.

Many are calling for the return of ActiveTO this spring and summer.

It's not the first major incident involving a cyclist and motorist in recent days.

On Thursday, dashcam video captured an incident near High Park where a motorist used their vehicle to intimidate a cyclist and nearly knocked them off the road before a verbal altercation occurred.

People are now calling for Toronto Police to investigate.

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