high park cherry blossoms 2022

Here's when High Park cherry blossoms will hit peak bloom this year

With all the sunshine and rain the city is getting, plants are on track to start blooming come later this spring, including the beloved sakura cherry blossom trees in High Park.

The cherry blossom trees are predicted to hit peak bloom during the end of April according to Sakura in High Park.

Sakura in High Park is the city's go-to website for all things cherry blossoms, with predictions on blooms, tracking and stages of the flower buds, and the history behind the trees.

The past winter has helped minimize the damage to the trees.

"There were no long bouts of extreme cold weather or ice storms. Even though we did have unusually warm days, they were only a few sprinkled in here and there, therefore not causing any unnecessary 'jumps' in the tree's bud development cycle," wrote Sakura in High Park in a recent blog post.

The tree buds are well underway to bloom this month, similar to last year's bloom.

"The trees look healthy and showcase a host of well-rounded buds with green tips poking through. This is very similar to what we saw last early April, and if these trends continue, this is an excellent indicator that the peak bloom will likely occur around the same time as 2021," continued the blog post.

For the past couple of years, people were only able to see the blossoms via a live stream, but earlier last month, Mayor John Tory announced that the city is welcoming guests back to see the trees in person.

“Thanks to the progress we have made confronting COVID-19, everyone will be able to come out and enjoy the cherry blossoms when they bloom this spring," said Tory in a statement.

Just like in past years, High Park will be closed to vehicles during the peak bloom, only allowing access to pedestrians. So make sure to ditch the car and take the subway over to the park to avoid hassle.

Last year the trees were fenced off to visitors to avoid large crowds gathering at peak bloom, but these restrictions won't be in place this season.

The Bloom Cam will also be available to those who'd like to watch the blossoms from the comfort of their own home.

Make sure to check Sakura in High Park for more updates over the next couple of weeks to know exactly when peak bloom starts.

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Hector Vasquez

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