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Toronto cyclist wipes out on streetcar tracks in scary but relatable video

Have you ever noticed that most Toronto streetcar tracks are laid inside tiny road troughs with just enough space on either side to fit a bike tire near-perfectly?

Anyone who's ever ventured about the city on two wheels most certainly has (or will soon). Many even have scars to prove it.

Cycling in Toronto can be incredibly dangerous for several reasons, including bad drivers, messy weather, bad drivers, insufficient infrastructure, bad drivers, buck-wild construction activities, bad drivers, inconsiderate business owners and — did I mention? — bad drivers.

On major streets lined with parked cars, people on bikes are often forced to navigate the narrow spaces between live traffic and potential dooring culprits, forcing many right onto or over streetcar tracks in the middle of roads at times.

Hitting the tracks with a narrow tire at a specific angle can be straight up deadly, as demonstrated by a recent cycling video from local YouTuber Johnny Strides.

Strides, who posts first person videos of himself walking through Toronto and other cities with live commentary, was recently cycling south on Ossington Avenue when he was forced to swerve over the tracks between College and Dundas Streets.

Footage from the incident shows the cyclist approaching a row of cars on his right, one of which has an apparent crossing guard standing in front of the driver's side door speaking to someone in the vehicle.

It happens in an instant: tire meets track and Strides goes down, hard, smashing his head directly into the concrete.

"Thankfully I was wearing my helmet," he wrote in the caption of his video, later noting in a comment that he's completely fine "other than a sore hip and shoulder."

Had it not been for his helmet, he could have been looking at much more serious injuries, if not death. Or so Strides believes, as the title of his video is literally "The helmet saved me."

With the weather warming up and offices around Toronto starting to reopen, it won't be long before the streets are packed with cyclist commuters once again.

If you're one of said cyclists, allow this to be a reminder that helmets save lives... and that streetcar tracks aren't to be messed with.

Lead photo by

Johnny Strides

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