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A TTC outage arrived just in time for the afternoon rush hour and people aren't happy

Another day on the TTC, another problem, as afternoon commuters in the north end of the city found themselves out in the cold on Tuesday, a large stretch of the Line 1 subway rendered unusable due to the vague but dreaded "signal problems."

Service on the line's four northernmost stations — York Mills, Sheppard, North York Centre, and Finch — was suspended just before 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, right on time to leave school kids and those trying to beat the evening rush in the lurch.

Shuttle buses were deployed to cover the affected stretch of the line, but the combination of being stuck in sub-zero weather and forced to pack onto the few buses available in sardine-like conditions has left a sour taste behind the masks and face coverings of commuters.

With an Environment Canada Freezing Drizzle advisory in effect, TTC customers packed into crowds — exposure to COVID seemingly lower on the minds of riders than getting out of the cold — to await shuttle buses, though some were waiting longer than they'd have preferred.

A few commenters complain that this is still a recurring problem, even as the rolling closures to upgrade the network's plagued signal system continue to deprive customers of weekend service, the most recent one occurring this past weekend.

Almost exactly one hour after the outage began, the TTC announced that service had resumed from York Mills to Finch, though even with trains back up and running on this stretch, the complaints haven't let up.

A whole hour of service shutdown was enough to mess up the day of anyone unlucky enough to be commuting through this stretch.

Even when you time everything just right, meticulously planning down to the second, the TTC can always manage to ride in like a knight in rusted armour to foil your day.

These outages are, unfortunately, something many commuters have come to begrudgingly accept as a fact of life in Toronto, and one nobody expects it to change overnight.

A TTC outage may just prove an inconvenience for some, but for others, losing time to shuttle bus waits can also mean lost shifts, wages and even jobs.

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Martin Partridge

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