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Ridiculously stupid bumper sticker attracts Ontario police to illegally modified vehicle

Today in "dude, you were totally asking for it" news, a motorist in Halton Region is out at least $110 this week after getting nabbed by police for making unnecessary noise with his (or maybe her?) illegally modified car.

Halton Police Constable Marc Taraso shared a photo via Twitter on Tuesday morning of a vehicle he had pulled over after noticing a rather saucy bumper sticker.

"LOUDER THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND LAST NIGHT," read said sticker, which was positioned directly over the car's exhaust pipe.

As it turns out, the vehicle had no muffler (it had been removed), and was in fact likely louder than anyone's human girlfriend could be as a result. Loud to the point where it was in violation of Ontario's Highway Traffic Act.

Taraso joked about the incident on Twitter, suggesting that the sticker is what tipped him off to the fact that the vehicle might be illegally modified.

"But the sticker doesn't say what is loud. It could just be coincidently placed there as it was a large enough spot for the sticker," responded one genius to the officer.

"It's what we would call in policing: 'a clue'," responded Taraso, later sharing a photo of the car's undercarriage and telling another commenter that "the vehicle had no muffler and unnecessary noise to accompany the lack of muffler."

Police all over Ontario have been trying to crack down on unnecessarily loud vehicles (read: motorcycles and cars that are literally modified to annoy everyone else) for years using various tacticstools and sassy mayoral remarks.

It's been hard, however, for authorities to put an end to the behaviour, as evidenced by constant education and enforcement campaigns such as Halton's own Project #Noisemaker.

"The Halton Regional Police Service continues to receive numerous complaints from across the region regarding loud and unnecessary noise from motor vehicles which have been illegally modified by removing the mufflers, or modifying the exhaust system," reads a release announcing the last noisemaker blitz, which ran from April to October of 2021.

"It has been observed through proactive enforcement that this unnecessary noise is often found to be accompanied by other illegal vehicle modifications, unsafe vehicle conditions and aggressive driving behaviours."

Lead photo by

Cst. Marc Taraso

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