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Toronto pets wake up to a confusing world of snow and their reactions are hilarious

As humans, we're blessed (or cursed) with a basic understanding of the world. Even when a snowstorm surprises us humans, we typically have some idea of what is to come.

But put yourself in the minds of our furry friends and imagine their utter confusion at what is turning out to be the most significant snowstorm to hit Toronto in years.

We already know how the bipedal population is reacting to the sudden blast of snow, and Twitter is also offering up a taste of what the great blizzard of '22 feels like from a four-legged perspective.

Like humans, reception to the storm also appears mixed from Toronto's canine population, breeds with comically short limbs suffering the worst.

Not all of the small dogs are bothered by the snow, with one adorable furball showing off some playful prancing moves in slow-mo.

Larger dogs clearly had more fun with it, though this mostly-submerged golden retriever is having to put in some extra work on its morning walk.

One dog was captured soaking in the view over his backyard fence, in apparent disbelief at how much his kingdom had transformed overnight.

And if dogs are confused by all this snow, one can only imagine what it's like to be a cat with outdoor privileges on a day like this.

It only took seconds of murder mittens on snow for this little apex predator to pull a 180 and retreat to the more hospitable indoors. No word on whether the cat immediately asked to go back outside, but cat logic points to yes.

Some animals are in heaven, though, especially those built for winter weather. If any animals can appreciate Monday's blizzard, it's the five polar bears who call the Toronto Zoo home.

It may be fun and games for pet owners as of Monday morning, but after liberal applications of salt to clear city roads and sidewalks, people should take extra care to ensure their pets' paws aren't irritated.

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