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Special weather alert in effect for Toronto as 'snow snake' passes through the city

It's feeling a lot like Groundhog Day in Toronto lately, both in the sense that every morning feels the same (cold) and the fact that Groundhog Day falls on Feb. 2 (also traditionally cold.)

Environment Canada has issued yet another winter weather travel advisory for the City of Toronto as a "heavy band of lake effect snow" moves inland, conveniently during rush hour.

While expected to dissipate later this evening, the snow could pose problems for commuters — especially near Lake Ontario.

"Peak snowfall rates of 2 to 3 cm per hour will be possible. Local snowfall amounts up to 5 cm as well as reduced visibilities in heavy snow and blowing snow can be expected," warns Environment Canada.

"Motorists are advised to exercise caution particularly along roads and highways near Lake Ontario. Travel may be hazardous due to sudden changes in the weather. Be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions. Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas."

The Weather Network is calling this band a "snow snake," based on the fact that it looks like a snake on weather radars.

What started as an intense snow squall in Huron County this morning fast led to whiteout conditions all along the QEW corridor.

"As a more dominant southwest flow develops throughout the day, the band may drift north and impact areas along the western edge of Lake Ontario and then along the northern shoreline as well," predicted Weather Network meteorologists this morning, noting that Hamilton east through Toronto could see remnants of the squall.

By early afternoon, the snake appears to have weakened quite a bit, but it has brought some thick flurries into downtown Toronto — big, fluffy snowflakes that would be so much fun to enjoy outdoors if it weren't so painfully cold outside.

The City of Toronto is expected to remain chilly tonight with a feels like temperature of minus 21 C. Snow remains pretty much everywhere thanks to last Monday's literal blizzard and the regular smatterings of snow we've seen since.

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