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This post about a lost cucumber in Toronto is giving people some much needed laughs

Times are pretty miserable in Toronto right now between ongoing lockdown restrictions, 5 p.m. sunsets and generally dreary winter weather that this week included massive snow dumps that debilitated the city.

But, amid all of the downers in this 22nd month of lockdown, people are still managing to find some levity during dark times — including one South Etobicoke resident who brought some much-needed laughs to her 15K-strong local community Facebook group.

"FOUND — Lost or abandoned cucumber," a now very popular Jan. 18 post from one JanMarie Cope begins.

"Was found on 7th street just before Morrison. A little chilled, but approachable enough that I was able to gently pick it up."

Writing in a way that makes it seem as if she is speaking of a timid pet who wandered off in the recent storm, Cope continues:

"If you recognize this cucumber or know someone missing theirs, reach out to me to come pick it up. I will need a proper description. I will be fostering it for the next week or so, but after that it will have to go."

Attached, of course, are photos of the lonely cucumber abandoned in the dark on the chilly snow-covered road, and then again safely in Cope's hands at home.

The simple and silly post has understandably garnered hundreds of reactions in just 13 hours, with tons of people thanking their neighbour for making them crack a smile.

toronto news

The humorous ad has received lots of attention from the South Etobicoke Community Group, with many people thanking the poster for bringing a smile to their face during tough times.

"It’s been a hard week staying at the hospital with my 2 year old daughter and this made me laugh soooo hard. So THANK YOU!," one person commented.

"So happy to see the great sense of humour of the people in my neighbourhood! Needed a laugh!" another added.

And yet another: "THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! a not so nice day and laughed out loud loud loud at this....thanks a bunch!"

Hopefully, if not returned to its rightful owner, the cucumber will serve some other Torontonian well in a salad or at a nearby food bank.

And as for the residents of South Etobicoke and Ontario at large, they can potentially look forward to some easing of the latest spate of business closures and public health measures in the coming days, if Premier Doug Ford's promise of good news to come holds true.

Lead photo by

JanMarie Cope in the South Etobicoke Community Group on Facebook

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