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Toronto temperatures soar to unseasonably warm levels but snow is on the way

The last few weeks of plunging temperatures had some in Toronto getting ready for the annual hibernation, but an unseasonably warm stretch of weather that arrived over the weekend has the masses putting their winter attire back in the closet.

For now.

Frost descended upon Toronto just before the weekend, but temperatures have been steadily climbing ever since. And it looks like this warmer weather will stick around for the workweek.

Monday's temperatures are a bit too warm to just be called "mild," the mercury surging up to a balmy high of 18 C, which is feeling more like 19 C.

Monday might not have topped the rankings as the warmest Nov. 8 on file, but it's actually fairly close, falling just shy of last year's record of 20.1 C measured at Pearson Airport.

It may be warm and sunny today, but milder, rainy weather with temperatures in the low double digits is expected to arrive on Tuesday. The average temperature is expected to be around 12 C throughout the week, though thermometers are forecasted to plummet back to the low-single digits just in time for the weekend.

By the start of next week, bone-chilling cold, rain, and temperatures just above freezing will snap us out of this dreamlike fall warmth and back to the reality of a fast-approaching Canadian winter.

A small amount of snow is in the forecast for early next week.

And always remember how much more unpleasant things could be right now; one only has to look back to last year, when Toronto was walloped with its first snowfall of the season, just one day after Halloween.

People were, as you can imagine, very pissed off to wake up to that.

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Alex Virt

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