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needle in halloween candy

Reports of dangerous Halloween candy have Ontario parents checking kids' hauls

It was kind of a weird Halloween. Even just celebrating the holiday again felt surreal, and some were woefully underprepared for the crush of trick-or-treaters that hit Ontario streets this year.

Some unlucky trick-or-treaters ended up with unconventional additions to their candy bags like cans of SPAM, lobster paste, sweetened condensed milk, and even packs of instant ramen. But one kid out looking for candy on Halloween ended up with something more sinister.

A parent showed up at the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Dufferin Detachment in Shelburne on Wednesday to report a disturbing find in their daughter's candy haul: a two-inch sewing needle embedded into a snack-size Aero chocolate bar.

The OPP states that "the chocolate bar was obtained on Halloween, in the College Avenue area in Orangeville." 

This area is a typical suburban residential neighbourhood with cookie-cutter homes, twisting roads, and dead-end cul-de-sacs, the kind of community that trick-or-treaters flock to.

And there's about a zero per cent chance this was a sewing mishap, the carefully-concealed needle clearly doled out with an intent to injure or worse.

Police are warning residents to be extra vigilant and carefully check Halloween candy for any evidence of tampering before letting kids chow down, especially those who went trick-or-treating in this area of Orangeville.

The OPP states that "if there is anything suspicious about the packaging or candy itself, do not consume and report to police."

Even if the candy looks completely safe, you can use that slightly frayed wrapper edge as an excuse to confiscate all of your favourite snacks in the name of safety. The kids will understand.

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