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Kids in Toronto surprised to find a lot of weird stuff in their 2021 Halloween candy hauls

Halloween in and around Toronto seemed to be extra bustling this year, with so many people out and about partying and trick-or-treating that many residents online cited packed streets and even running out of candy despite preparing for hundreds of visitors.

While there were plenty of amazing decorations and killer costumes to enjoy, as well as a few houses that went all out with their sweets offerings, some kids and parents found themselves a little surprised and disappointed at certain items in their hauls.

First, there were the unsafe items: some suspected cannabis edibles found in kids' candy bags near Perth, Ontario, as well as a lancet needle one unfortunate trick-or-treater received in Whitby.

Then, there were the anti-vax postcards that one Toronto man decided to drop into pumpkin buckets and pillowcases — cards that stated that the COVID-19 shot is experimental, that it is harming and killing many thousands of people all over the world, and that kids don't need it.

(He later told CTV News that he "absolutely does not feel bad" about the move, though he did have to face a number of angry parents.)

Finally, there were the just plain peculiar food items that no kid hoping for some chocolate could be happy with, including cans of SPAM, lobster paste, and sweetened condensed milk, as well as random packs of ramen.

Handfuls of raw Brussels sprouts, fake costume moustaches, and birthday candles were also among the seemingly random household items that some parents reported recovering from their kids' loot, to their entertainment.

There were also some creative COVID practices in place, from using tongs and providing self-serve options to opting not to participate in the holiday at all.

Though pandemic Halloweens have obviously been far different than others in many ways, it's clear that some homes in the city got a little desperate and strapped for treats to distribute this year amid a surprisingly healthy turnout.

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