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Dramatic police takedown captured on Gardiner Expressway in Toronto

A video circulating on social media today shows some tense moments between police and people in a car stopped on a Toronto highway.

The footage posted to TikTok was shot from a vehicle passing on the Gardiner Expressway and shows Toronto Police vehicles surrounding a silver car.

Several police officers are out of their vehicles and at least two have guns drawn, pointing at the occupants of the car.

"Get on the ground," police shout. "Face down, face down."

The people in the car exit with their hands up.

The video looks like it could be from a cop drama where officers catch robbers or a homicide suspect but the whole thing stems from a road rage incident, Toronto Police say.

On Thursday around 3:30 p.m., police responded to a call for a person with a gun, Toronto Police Service spokesperson David Hopkinson tells blogTO.

Police got a report that two drivers were involved in a road rage altercation and one produced a gun, threatening to shoot, Hopkinson says.

Officers stopped a car on the Gardiner Expressway near Yonge Street. The driver and occupants were investigated but in the end no gun was found, he says.

"The drive and occupants were released unconditionally," he says.

Driving can be stressful in the city, leading some to take out their rage on drivers, wild fights or prompt racist tirades. Thankful Thursday’s incident seems to have ended without any serious injuries.

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