deer in toronto

Doe-eyed deer are being spotted in random places all over Toronto

It may be the biggest city in Canada, but Toronto's connections to nature are never far away, and some residents have been getting first-hand encounters with the majestic wildlife that often hides right under our noses.

A network of ravines carving through the city act as highways for wildlife, creating the potential for up-close encounters with the type of animals you'd associate more with Canada's untamed hinterland than the parks, nature trails, and even side streets of an urban metropolis.

Some of these experiences can be ripped straight out of your nightmares, like the regular coyote attacks and sightings that keep pet owners and parents with small children on alert. Other urban run-ins with wildlife present less of a threat, like reports of chance encounters with deer that have been popping up in recent weeks.

White-Tailed Deer are everywhere in Toronto. You can even find them roaming No Frills parking lots and out for a swim in the lake.

But you're most likely to find doe-eyed deer dillydallying through places linked to the city's ravine network, mostly parks, trails, and quiet tree-lined streets with lush backyards. The Don Valley is a hotspot for deer sightings, particularly in the autumn months.

You might even see them dashing across your front lawn.

While wildlife experts would caution against this, someone in Scarborough got extra close to a deer chomping down on some grass last week.

The deer appears to acknowledge the camera before diving in for some more free-range chow, seeming unperturbed by the presence of people.

Toronto Animal Services regularly warns the public that, while these animals are beautiful to look at, they're still wild by nature, and it's best to observe them from a safe distance.

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