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Deer spotted hanging out in Toronto No Frills parking lot

It's not uncommon for people in Toronto to come across squirrels, sparrows, raccoons, rabbits — sometimes even foxes — while going about their daily lives in the city. But deer? Among a population of roughly three million people? Not so much.

Dax Martin was thus surprised on Sunday morning when he happened across what appeared to be a young buck just chilling outside a popular grocery store.

"Such an unexpected encounter in the No Frills parking lot this morning on my way to work," wrote Martin when sharing video footage of the beautiful forest creature in a Facebook group for members of the Bloor West Village, High Park and Junction communities.

"I was worried he would run out to the street. Lucky I was able to herd him back into the park."

The grocery store in question, on Bloor Street West just east of Runnymede Road, is only about 400 metres away from the sprawling High Park, which is likely where the deer came from.

Martin says he noticed a hole in a fence that borders the northwest section of the park and suspects that the wild animal came through it.

"I've never seen a deer in the 5 years I've lived here," he tells blogTO.

"It was an unexpected encounter and a strange feeling because no one else was on the street at the time or even saw it. It was just me and the deer. I didn't want it to run on to the road and I'm glad it ran back into the park."

Encounters with deer are far less common around here than those with skunks, raccoons or even coyotes; the City of Toronto's wildlife advice page doesn't even have a section dedicated to dealing with them.

Still, these shy, stoic creatures do venture out into city streets from time to time, delighting all who see them.

"It's amazing to discover the beauty of Toronto's wildlife, living in the second world within our city," said Toronto Animal Services about a different deer encounter on Twitter amid Ontario's longest lockdown, when forest creatures were being spotted everywhere.

"But remember, observe from a distance."

Lead photo by

Dax Martin

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