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A deer jumped into a lake in Toronto and a boat guided it back to shore

A deer was seen jumping into a lake in Scarborough on Monday and a nearby boat guided it back to shore. 

Marilyn Louis was visiting the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant just after 5:30 p.m. when she witnessed a deer appear from the east side of the plant. 

Louis says the deer became panicked by the crowds of people in the area, and that it jumped into Lake Ontario beside the water facility. 

Luckily, there was a person in a small boat nearby who cautiously rode behind the deer to guide it back to shore. 

Although it happened pretty fast, Louis was able to capture the rescue on her phone and posted a video of it on The Beaches Toronto Facebook group. 

"An angel on a boat," said Tracy Torrance,  a community member who commented on the video. 

Many others expressed gratitude towards Louis for capturing such a wholesome interaction.  

"The deer is gorgeous, canoe to the rescue!!!" said Jessica Arseneau

Some people were concerned for the safety of the deer after it got out of the water. 

"Hope could get to higher ground from where he ran on the beach," said Marie Middleton. "So glad he made it back to shore, must have been frightening for him," she added. 

The deer was able to reach a mount of rocks, where it stumbled a few times, until reaching safety on shore and running away. 

Lead photo by

Marilyn Louis 

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