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This pirate pup is looking for her forever home in Toronto

Pets with visible disabilities are among the most challenging to adopt out, but one little pupper just landed in Toronto with the hopes of finding a loving home, and she’s just about the most adorable little cyclops you could imagine.

The aptly named "Wink" arrived in Toronto with her temporary foster family on Monday, and once settled in after her long trip from Jordan, she'll be looking for her forever home.

Wink's story started off as the story of Heidi, the name she was given after being rescued in Jordan and cared for by Rahmeh For Animals. Just a puppy when she was saved, details about what caused her distinctive eye injury remain unknown.

But this minor disability doesn't make her any less deserving of our love.

It was through Rahmeh For Animals that Toronto-based not-for-profit organization Peanut Mutter Rescue became aware of the pirate pupper.

Rahmeh For Animals posted about this unique puppy back in September, remarking on Instagram that "the adoption rate is really low" and that it takes an average of two to three years at the centre before a dog finds its forever home.

Their best option is often being sent to be cared for abroad, with countries like Canada seeing higher (but still not high enough) rates of disabled pets being adopted.

Now safely in Canada, Wink needs a home. And aside from her lack of depth perception, Peanut Mutter Rescue says she's "a typical young pup. Happy, playful, friendly and loving."

She's still growing, expected to max out at 55 lbs., and as one would expect from a puppy, she’s got plenty of energy to burn.

Peanut Mutter Rescue's Instagram post on Wink makes it very clear that the poor girl has been through a lot, and people with a specific type of pet in mind need not apply.

"We are looking for people with open hearts, no preferences and who are ready to work through the challenges that come with rescuing a life that has literally faced death once already, some worse than others. Wink is no exception here even despite her young age."

"We are looking for those whose #1 priority is to save a life."

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