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People in Ontario scoff at measly 10-cent minimum wage increase

Ontario's minimum wage has officially gone up — albeit not by much — and people throughout the province are taking to social media today to complain about the measly increase.

Effective Oct. 1, Ontario's official minimum wage is $14.35, an increase of just $0.10 from the previous wage of $14.25.

Though any increase is a welcome one, it's certainly not much, especially considering the minimum wage would have already been well above $15, had Premier Doug Ford not rolled back the previous Liberal government's plans and introduced a wage freeze when he came into power in 2018.

"A reminder that one of Ford's first acts as Premier was to cut minimum wage," wrote MPP for Parkdale—High Park Bhutila Karpoche on Twitter Friday. 

"Today, Ontario's minimum wage increases by 10¢ to $14.35. It should've been $15.75. That's a direct cut of at least $2,920 a year for full-time minimum wage workers."

That reality has not gone unnoticed by Ontario residents who have been taking to Twitter to express their frustration about the ineffectiveness of a $0.10 raise.

Some are using math to show just how unhelpful the increase is, explaining that a $0.10 increase only amounts to an extra $4 for a 40-hour work week.

Others are pointing out just how expensive it is to afford a property in Ontario and highlighting that this raise does little in the way of helping minimum wage workers get any closer to being able to purchase one.

Some are meanwhile saying the wage increase doesn't even come close to covering the cost of one TTC fare, which is currently $3.25.

And some people are emphasizing the fact that in any equitable society, minimum wage would and should be a livable one.

"One of the key tools to ending poverty is ensuring that those who are employed earn a wage you can live on," wrote Western University Associate Professor Abe Oudshoorn on Twitter.

"The announcement in Ontario today of a $0.10 increase to the minimum wage is shameful and means another year that the working poor fall further behind."

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