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GO Transit gave its teddy bear mascot ripped abs for new ads at Toronto's Union Station

GO Bear has worn many hats since he became GO Transit's mascot in 1993, but with the arrival of Wi-Fi on-board, the regional transit company has decked out the bear in a different way. 

Signs all over Union Station show GO Bear dressed up as a handsome hunk character out of a romance movie. 

In a Facebook Group called Weird Toronto, Torontonians shared their reactions to the romantic GO Bear: 

"This might be the most action I've seen in forever...run when the bear starts looking good," said Amy Davies. 

GO Bear is sporting a six-pack of rock hard abs, biting down on a rose stem. 

"[This is] the bear she told Teddy not to worry about," Dan Michael said. 

The bear is shown standing in front of a dreamy beach scene, with flower petals dramatically falling around him. 

"This may be one of the better options in today's dating world," added Zoe Strehler.

The sign is meant to promote GO Transit's Wi-Fi system, which came out in August, and nudges at a customer's ability to watch a variety of movies, including romance, using free internet on buses and trains. 

The GO Bear promotion is a way to catch the attention of returning commuters, who may not be aware of the new Wi-Fi, after 18 months of lockdown, a Metrolinx spokesperson told blogTO. 

Aside from the romance genre, GO Bear is also seen in other signs for different movie genres including, Sci-Fi, Drama, and Thrillers. 

Who knows which type of movie GO Bear will star in next...

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GO Transit 

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