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Thousands of trees cut down for GO Transit expansion to be given away as free firewood

As part of clearing space for the new Metrolinx GO Expansion, many trees had to be cut down to make room for the new tracks that are being laid down.

Thankfully, plenty of good is coming from it as not only will many trees be replanted, but as part of the Vegetation Management Program, free chopped firewood salvaged from those trees is being given away.

Should you miss out on this haul, there will be further community events to give away mulch and firewood. Metrolinx is partnering with conservation authorities on planting events, as part of their compensation for GO Expansion tree removals.

For those who want to help be a part of the replanting process, several events are being organized by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority including one on Oct. 17 and another on Oct. 30.

"New native trees and shrubs have been planted by our conservation authority partners, including Conservation Halton, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) across the region," a Metrolinx representative told blogTO.

"Trees are re-planted in the same watershed and municipality from which they've been taken, as much as possible, in order to restore and maintain the environment from which they were removed."

In total, 2820 trees have been removed across six rail corridors thus far, with plans in place to plant over 24,000 additional trees as part of the largest public transit expansion in Canadian history.

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