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Hundreds of dogs rescued from Ontario sledding company by animal welfare authorities

While dog sledding can be a fun (not to mention functional) outdoor activity that has strong historical roots in the Great White North, the treatment of working animals by some companies in the industry leaves much to be desired at best, and is downright abhorrent and abusive at worst.

The latter may have unfortunately been the case at one such operation in Ontario, Windrift Adventures, from which animal welfare authorities seized approximately 220 for the animals' well-being on Tuesday night.

The company has multiple properties near Barrie and Orillia, and is under ongoing inspection, though officials won't provide details about the case seeing as it is still active.

What is known at this time is that Windrift has been investigated for multiple complaints of animal cruelty in the past, and was at one point ordered by the relevant authorities to provide its dogs with better medical care, food, clean water and shelters that are properly insulated from the cold — meaning that these basic needs of the animals were evidently not being met.

Viral footage shot by customers back in 2018 showed the establishment's dogs tied up on short chains in poor conditions outside, some of them limping and with visible open wounds. The video led to a 130,000-plus-strong petition demanding that the small business "treat their dogs better."

Though this spate of doggos is thankfully now safe and being cared for, people planning to book dog sled adventures should be sure to look into whether the tour group they're employing dogs from a third party, and how the company treats their animals.

They may also want to consider another activity that doesn't use animals as entertainment.

Windrift is now apparently appealing the removal of the animals.

Lead photo by

Dylan Blake at Windrift Adventures in 2018

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