crossbridge condominium services

Someone has posted signs all around Toronto lashing out at condo management company

At least one resident of a condo managed by Crossbridge Condominium Services is taking their frustrations to the streets in a series of funny posters.

Life in a condo or apartment can be horrifying if you live in Toronto's ICE condominiums or just annoying if hot water is shut down or Amazon packages go missing.

Crossbridge Condominium Services manages 450 buildings across Ontario and many in Toronto including Theatre Park at 224 King Street West and Riva Del Lago at 110 Marine Parade Drive.

crossbridge condominium services

Signs like this one use humour to get a point across.

But it seems like some people living in those buildings aren't happy with the management services.

They have racked up more than 200 reviews on Google and most are negative.

"The worst management company I ever dealt with," one person wrote.

crossbridge condominium services

Some signs indicate that the company may be lying.

Some complain of charges for items and service they didn't need or get and poor communication.

"Most pathetic service and maintenance I have ever seen," another person wrote. "They don't even talk nicely when you call to report an issue in the apartment."

Crossbridge Condominium Services did not immediately respond to a request for comment but later provided a statement.

"Crossbridge deeply contests the negative characterization being presented through one particular case," the statement reads. We have built our reputation over decades of working for condominium boards and operating to the highest level of ethics, transparency, and respect for owners and residents."

In our role as managers, we implement the decisions made by the board of directors, while working to maintain harmony within the condominium communities. We are actively engaged in resolving this isolated dispute in collaboration with the board of directors of the building."

crossbridge condominium services

A turkey sign came up around Thanksgiving.

Perhaps in an effort to get their voices heard, at least one person has started a funny poster campaign targeted at the company.

Posters have popped around Toronto over the last month.

Some are festive – a turkey for Thanksgiving — and others imply the company is lying and residents are screwed. Most suggest people Google the company.

crossbridge condominium services

Horror theme posters are now up around Toronto.

Recently a few Halloween themed posters have gone up.

Whether or not Crossbridge will take notice is anyone's guess — the company doesn't seem to be responding with a long list of complaints — perhaps humour will work.

A statement from Crossbridge Condominium Services was added to this post on Nov. 1, 2021.

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