Tenants in new Toronto condo say they were told not to expect hot water all the time

Residents of Etobicoke's Eau Du Soleil condos along Lake Shore Boulevard say they have spent much of the past year plagued with issues including being told that they shouldn't always expect hot water during peak hours.

"This hasn't been a one month issue, this has been at least six or seven months now," said an anonymous tenant to blogTO. "It will get fixed and then a week later you're without hot water again for days at a time."

The building has been praised for its architectural design. Despite this, residents say that looks can be deceiving.

"I've been here close to two years and this is, by far, the worst condo I've lived in," wrote another tenant on the community Facebook group.

It's more than just cold showers causing distress, Eau Du Soleil residents say.

Photos and emails shared with blogTO show a number of concerning trends including fire alarms being set off, filthy conditions, elevators breaking down and trapping residents inside for over an hour, and even dangerous metal panels blowing off in the wind.

Despite all of this, in typical Toronto fashion, living here does not come cheap. One resident claims they pay $640/month in maintenance fees alone with the building raising the amount 10 per cent back in November. Others say it's not uncommon for their water bills to surpass $150.

"I cant see where money is being utilised," the resident explained. "They claim it's for cleaners, yet the place is always messy."

Following publication of this article, the condo's Board of Directors provided a statement to blogTO.

"While we recognize that some tenants in Eau Du Soleil’s 1,280-unit building have expressed concerns to blogTO about specific ongoing issues, the volunteer Board of Directors of the residential condominium have been working diligently with the Condominium Management and the original Developer, Empire, to address them," it read.

It denied that Eau Du Soleil advised residents to not always expect hot water during peak hours.

"Eau Du Soleil advised residents that we are aware of this ongoing issue affecting a few of the units in the Water Tower low-flow zone during peak hours, and we advised that several mechanical engineers are currently looking into it.

"Of course, Eau Du Soleil intends to restore normal service of hot water to all 1,280 units in this large high-rise development, and we will continue working towards a long-term resolution of the issue."

In regards to the fire alarms, the Board said it "recognizes that this is an issue which affects the daily lives of many residents, especially those working from home during the pandemic."

"Eau Du Soleil has been engaged in ongoing discussions with Toronto Fire Services, and with Empire, regarding this significant concern. Eau Du Soleil has also hired its own recognized expert in fire consulting services for condominiums, to review and assist the Board," it said in its statement.

The Board acknowledged that its elevators "will experience issues from time-to-time" and that it is "working with its Management team and Empire, along with the elevator maintenance services provider, to rectify these issues when they arise."

It also said it is "working with Empire to address any safety issues arising from" its metal panels, "as the exterior panels and cladding of the building are part of the esteemed architectural design of Eau Du Soleil."

"With regards to the purported cleanliness issues, the Board has recently increased the amount of cleaning services on-site, and will continue to address cleanliness concerns with the cleaning services provider," it went on.

"The Board acknowledges that with a new building like Eau Du Soleil, with its 1,280 units and many recreational amenities situated along the lakefront in Humber Bay Shores, there will always be certain issues that draws the ire of residents.

"While such issues are to be expected in the life of a new condominium development, the Board is nevertheless striving to address these issues and obtain long-term resolutions to improve our community. We will continue communicating with Eau Du Soleil’s owners and residents, towards the betterment of our shared home."

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