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Toronto under severe thunderstorm watch as tornadoes approach Ontario

Despite the deceivingly beautiful sunny weather in Toronto right now, the city has just been put under a severe thunderstorm warning, with "dangerous" weather slated to hit the region late this afternoon and early evening.

The Weather Network is warning of "a complex of storms" that could include severe winds and even tornadoes for parts of the province, especially those just west of Toronto bordering Lake Huron.

Meteorologists are predicting heavy downpours, lightning, and large hail up to 2 cm for everywhere from Thunder Bay to Ottawa, down through cottage country, Barrie, the GTA, London and Windsor.

Some areas will see 20-40 mm of precipitation and 100 km/h winds, with the Toronto region set to be hit just after sunset on Tuesday until sometime shortly after midnight, when the systems will weaken and move eastward.

But, a second surge is expected to arrive hours later, just before dawn on Wednesday morning.

It is currently a summery 25 C in the city, which feels like 29 with the humidity, with only a few clouds — but as anyone who's lived here for any length of time knows, that can all easily change on a dime, as we saw for basically the entire month of July.

So if you were planning to get outside at all today, try to do so and enjoy it for the next few hours while you can, and cross your fingers that atmopsheric conditions change or pass over quickly.

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Katrin Shumakov

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