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No charges in killing of Ontario rare white moose

No charges will be laid in the killing of a rare white moose in northern Ontario.

News of a hunter killing the moose near Timmins shocked and saddened people last October.

Like Toronto's famous white squirrels, the white moose have white fur due to a recessive gene.

The white moose are often deemed to be "spirit moose" and in some Indigenous traditions can signify the return of an ancestor who has pressing knowledge to impart.

But it seems as if this moose was harvested legally.

The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry finished their investigation and determined no charges would be laid in the case.

"The (ministry) investigation determined that the moose was harvested lawfully by an individual who was exercising their harvesting rights within their recognized traditional territory," ministry spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski told CTV News.

The case left some unanswered questions for Troy Woodhouse, a member of the Flying Post First Nation.

"It's unfortunate one of those animals were harvested but I'm sure whoever did it had their reasons," Woodhouse said.

"I just hope the story can bring more awareness of how lucky we are to have those animals in our area. There’s lots of potential, the economic value on them, heritage value to the First Nations. It'll be nice to see them thrive hopefully and not be harvested in the area."

Woodhouse set up a Gofundme to help find the person responsible for killing.

"I am a proud native of Foleyet and a member of the Flying Post First Nation, the spirit moose has and always will be culturally important to us," Woodhouse said on the Gofundme page.

Woodhouse said the funds will now be used for signs along Highway 144 and Highway 101 to let people know it's illegal to hunt white moose in those management areas.

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