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How to watch or live stream election results in Canada

How and where to watch and live stream the election results in Canada is important info, even though Elections Canada may release the results of 2021's federal election a few days later than we're all used to.

Canadians are truly spoiled when it comes to options for watching elections play out, and our country's 44th — a snap election called by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau just five weeks before today's vote.

Purists can follow along via the Elections Canada "September 20, 2021 General Election Results" portal beginning tonight at 7 p.m. ET. It's not the most-intuitive or pretty of websites, but all the information you need will technically appear there.

For a more curated, easy-to-understand experience, most major news outlets have election result portals or live blogs of their own running today (and one would assume until results are final.)

Canada's public broadcaster, the CBC, dedicates more resources than any other media outlet toward covering federal elections. Part of this may have to do with the fact that they have more resources than anyone else to begin with, but it can't be argued that they don't do a great job across all of their platforms.

The Ceeb's live federal election results page is a valuable resource, and can be tailored to your own preferences, whether that involves watching the results only for your own province or riding, across Canada in general or both.

Maclean's has a unique "quiet, relaxing, ASMR livestream" available for those who want a more chill election-watching experience, and Global's map will show real-time election results for all 338 ridings as polls begin to close across the country.

Party loyalists can follow along via their preferred political party's Twitter account or website; from the incumbent Liberals to the long-shot Greens, staff for all candidates will surely be updating constituents on where they stand until the count is done.

Prefer television? CBC TV's live election night coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight, as does CTV's live election coverage.  If you're not near a TV but still prefer video, YouTube will be streaming the former for free.

CPAC, which is literally a 24/7 station dedicated to Canadian politics, has been on the beat all day and will continue to provide breaking updates as they happen to viewers both online and on the air.

In Toronto, fans of radio can start listening to 680 News' live federal election show beginning at 8 p.m. this evening.

Basically, if you're looking for a solid place to watch the votes roll in, check out a few mainstream news outlets and pick out the format you enjoy best. 

Whether that's a national newspaper like the Globe and Mail or Toronto Star, a TV station like CityTV or CHCH, or a website with comprehensive election coverage such as the New York Times, the best way to watch Canada's 44th national election is up to you.

That said, once again, be forwarned that it could be days before we see results at all thanks to the intricacies of this particular election.

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