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Conservatives get ragged on for promising Canadians a discount at Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet is trending on Canadian Twitter right now, and not because of a new menu item or a viral video, but because of a promise from Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O'Toole.

The party on Wednesday revealed a new "Dine and Discover" program that it wants to implement to help funnel money back into the nation's struggling hospitality industry after the decimation caused by COVID-19 lockdowns.

As part of the initiative, residents will receive a 50 per cent rebate on dine-in meals (alcohol not included) between Mondays and Wednesdays to help encourage people to go and patronize their local restaurants.

Another part of the program includes tax credits for travel within Canada to help revive the tourism industry, with the PCs stating on their website that "if you don't care about securing support for Canada's tourism and hospitality sectors, you have three parties to choose from in this election. If you do, then there is only one choice — Canada’s Conservatives."

Though the concept is nice and all, Twitter has run with it (as it tends to do) after someone hilariously positioned it it as the Conservatives offering us all a cheap night out at beloved homegrown chain Swiss Chalet rather than presenting us with new policies that actually impact our lives, like cheaper housing, telecom bills and childcare, and ramped up social programs.

"In response to the intertwined crisis of a global pandemic and climate change the Conservatives would like to offer you half-off on a night out at Swiss Chalet," one person joked, while another chimed "Look, man. I love Swiss Chalet as much as the next person. But this can not be your entire platform. Do better."

"We asked for UBI. You're offering a GST holiday, and half-price at Swiss Chalet (*some restrictions may apply). You might not be listening," said yet another.

And then there were the comments like " this a joke? Please be a joke."

Many are also remembering back to O'Toole's other, similar platform policy that would give shoppers a break on paying GST during the busy December holiday season — a stance that many similarly feel is tone deaf in overlooking major issues that people actually care about.

Some are also comparing the new proposal to Premier Doug Ford's famous buck-a-beer incentive, which it could be argued was just a distraction from more pressing issues.

Though it's certainly true that far too many businesses need some serious help post-COVID, the fact that the micro-policy has gotten people so riled up shows that it's not the type of solution Canadians are looking for right now.

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