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Trudeau has been sipping local beers with voters during visits to bars in Ontario

Though he's been met with his fair share of opposition while on the [very short] campaign trail so far, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau still appears to be enjoying himself, even getting behind the bar during stops at local breweries to serve up some beers to his constituents.

The Liberal Leader shared some photos of him sipping brews with voters at the Flying Monkeys Brewery in Barrie, Ontario, and was spotted again taking orders, pouring drinks and handing them off to bar patrons at the Hawthorne Beer Market near Vancouver, B.C.

Flying Monkeys, established in 2004 as one of the earliest of the province's craft breweries, shared some snaps of the PM socializing, bumping elbows, and imbibing with a Juicy Ass IPA from the brand on Wednesday.

"It's always a proud day when the Prime Minister of such a big, beautiful country chooses to visit your own little hometown. Way to show class & hospitality, Barrie!" they wrote.

Trudeau, too, posted some photos from the day, reminiscing about "the little things in life — like grabbing a beer with a friend" to help push any remaining residents to get fully vaccinated so we can keep on partaking in such normal activities.

Later that evening, the leader took to Twitter and Instagram to share more pictures of him having fun at an independent brewery — this time, behind the bar.

"They put me to work in Cloverdale today — and I hope that on September 20th, Cloverdale–Langley City votes to put @jwaldag to work in Ottawa," Trudeau wrote on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday evening alongside some photos of him being put to work.

"Thanks for the pint, Hawthorne Beer Market."

The posts prompted some to ask for more specific plans of action from the PM rather than simply running on his COVID track record, and also garnered specific requests from voters on the topics of the healthcare system, conditions on the nation's reservations, and wildfires, among other things.

Then there were those fans who raved about how cool Trudeau is, or asked how their nation can get such a young, hip leader.

Also, those unsurprisingly in the suggestive vein of "Hmm I wouldn't mind being served a beer by Justin Trudeau at all :)"

Agreed, albeit perhaps for less creepy reasons.

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