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It's so hot in Toronto the fire department pitched in to get a swimming pool filled

Toronto is in the midst of what seems like a never-ending heat wave, and there's no better place to cool off from the blistering heat than one of the city's public pools.

Unfortunately, residents living near Blantyre Park Pool in Scarborough have had to do without a refreshing swim this week thanks to a crack in the pool which caused a "significant leak," but Toronto Fire Services showed up to refill the pool in a fraction of the amount of time it normally takes.

"A big thanks to Fire Services and Deputy Chief Jessop for filling the Blantyre Park pool earlier today," wrote local city councillor Gary Crawford on Facebook Tuesday. "This job usually takes 48 hours but with the help of Fire Services the pool was filled in just 35 minutes!"

Blantyre closed to the public on Aug. 20 after a crack developed at the bottom of the pool and led to the leak. Parks staff then drained the pool for further assessment and were able to fix the damage quickly.

Staff tested the fix to make sure it would hold on Monday, and Toronto Fire showed up the following morning to help expedite the process of refilling the pool — allowing it to reopen as fast as possible. 

Local residents who've been waiting to take a dip in the neighbourhood pool will be glad to the know that, thanks to Toronto Fire, Blantyre is expected to reopen on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

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Councillor Gary Crawford

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