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Ontario motorist caught driving less than half an hour after having license suspended

An Ontario motorist was caught red-handed by police twice in the span of less than 30 minutes last week.

York Regional Police say officers stopped a driver who was travelling 55 km over the speed limit (115 km/h in a 60 km/h zone) in Richmond Hill.

The motorist was charged by police, had his license suspended and car impounded, but that didn't stop him from returning to the roads in a different car less than half an hour later.

Police observed the same man driving a different vehicle later that same day, and officers can be heard asking the driver for his license after stopping the motorist for a second time in a video posted to Twitter Wednesday.

In the video, the driver hesitates when asked to present his license, and the officers then tell the motorist that the registered owner of the vehicle had their license suspended earlier that morning for stunt driving.

After confirming that he is in fact the owner of the vehicle, the officers can be heard placing the driver under arrest for driving while suspended. 

The second car was also impounded.

"Let's normalize driving the speed limit," police said of the incident.

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York Regional Police

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