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Ferry service to the Toronto Islands is finally being ramped up again

If you've tried to catch a ferry or a water taxi to the Toronto Islands during one of the beautiful sunny weekends we've had this season, you've more than likely been met with frustratingly massive lineups of prospective beachgoers waiting multiple hours to get off of dry land.

While a lot of this is to do with the fact that people are excited, naturally, to get out and enjoy the summer weather and to socialize once more after months of lockdown, it's also largely thanks to reduced capacities on the Toronto Isand ferries leaving from Jack Layton terminal.

Due to COVID-19, the boats have been operating only at 50 per cent capacity, meaning way longer lines and wait times to get on board.

And as a result, water taxi services are likewise backlogged and experiencing some of their busiest days ever on record.

Thankfully for residents, that's all about to change, because the ferries have gotten the green light to increase the number of passengers on board for each trip.

According to Ward 10 Spadina—Fort York City Councillor Joe Cressy, Transport Canada just approved the city's request to ramp up capacity on island-bound ferries.

As of July 30, ferries to the islands will operate at 75 per cent capacity.

This is a motion that Cressy noted in a tweet on Thursday morning has the support of Toronto Public Health seeing as we are now weeks into Step 3 of the province's reopening (which we are due to progress out of any day now and enter a state of "full opening with some public health measures, if appropriate").

As the councillor notes, the change will allow more people to get to the island (and more quickly) to enjoy "enjoy critical outdoor green space this summer."

It will also hopefully help with the concerning congestion and waits people have been experiencing as they attempt to get over to the key attraction.

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