This Toronto street is so bad it just took the top two spots on the worst roads in the city list

Plagued with construction for more than a decade now, it's no surprise that Toronto drivers, cyclists and commuters of all kinds tend to avoid Eglinton Ave. as the city awaits the multiple-times-delayed completion of the new Crosstown LRT line.

Residents are also unlikely to be shocked by the fact that the thoroughfare has now officially been named one of the worst roads in the city and the province at large for 2021 — not just once, but twice.

CAA has graciously deemed Eglinton Ave. E to be the worst roadway in Toronto, while Eglinton Ave. W takes the second spot of five.

The two sides of the street also take the titles of fifth and seventh worst roads, respectively, of ten in the entire province.

Weston Road, Dufferin Street and Bathurst Street also made the former list, as voted on by drivers.

The poll is intended each year to "help municipal and provincial governments understand what roadway improvements are important to citizens, and where they need to be made."

Unfortunately for Torontonians, identifying Eglinton as a massive problem won't do much — the long-running work on the LRT will be carrying on for at least another year and a half, and perhaps even longer now that there's a legal battle between the province and the construction consortium behind the project.

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