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There's a major problem with Toronto's waterfront and it has to do with bike racks

Toronto's waterfront is a great place to ride your bike, take in the sights, feel fresh air on your face, and then stop for a drink or bite to eat before realizing you don't have anywhere to lock up your bike.

Growing concern over the lack of bike racks across the city, particularly along its beaches and waterfront areas has led to a number of people speaking out across social media.

One of those people, is Shawn Micallef, a U of T professor and columnist for the Toronto Star who in a 15-part thread on Twitter pointed out the inconsistencies of bike racks along Lake Ontario.

Micallef mentions a friend of his who walked along the waterfront, often going nearly a full kilometer without spotting a single bike rack.

Year-long efforts of reaching out to the city has resulted in a response that only 40 new bike spaces will be added.

It goes without saying, for a city of millions of people, 40 new spaces for bikes along one of the most popular summer destinations is not nearly enough to meet the demand.

For a city that has put in a huge effort to become more cyclist friendly, including expanding bike lanes, and adding safety measures across the city, spots to leave safely leave your bike seems to have been an unaccounted for blind spot.

With Toronto have a less than stellar history of bike theft, not having safe places to lock up is sure to discourage many people from taking their wheels out for a spin. 

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Jeremy Gilbert

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