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Toronto could be getting 6 new dedicated bike lanes in neighbourhoods across the city

Cyclists in Canada's largest city could soon have a few more routes to help explore every corner of Toronto.

A report to the city's infrastructure committee has recommended the installation of six new cycling network routes including protected bike lanes along the Esplanade.

The proposed routes include:

  • the Esplanade/Mill St
  • Chesswood Dr
  • Martin Grove Rd
  • Rathburn Rd
  • Winona Dr
  • Woodfield Rd. 

The Esplanade will see some of the greatest change, with large areas being converted into a pedestrian and cyclist priority area.

There will also be a new separate bike connection through Parliament Square Park, expanding the cycling network to flow more freely through the city without sharing pathways with pedestrians.

"Providing more active transportation options for people, including cycling, is a priority for the City of Toronto," a city representative told blogTO.

"Staff are working to make travel by bike safer and more inviting by planning and rapidly expanding the City’s cycling network in all areas of Toronto."

While the bike lanes don't come cheap, many believe that having them will cut back on the use of cars, public transit and rideshares. The effect of reduced vehicles on the road means less damage to roads, less pollution, and a more social, lively city.

The city is continuing to look at increased expansion for bike lanes in all areas of Toronto.

Factors for considering where to put them will include the needs of the local community, the impact to the cycling network including connections to existing routes and transit, impacts to local businesses and neighbourhoods, road safety, and planned capital projects such as road repair.

In total, these upcoming changes that could be confirmed as early as May 25 will see nearly 10km of new cycling infrastructure in the city.

While Toronto may not be the bicycle-haven that we've seen in some other countries, this is certainly still progress.

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