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Fireworks will be allowed on Victoria Day 2021 in Toronto and here are the rules

Victoria Day fireworks is something Ontario always looks forward to and 2021 is no exception. 

With the extension of the stay-at-home orders, we may not be able to celebrate Victoria Day 2021 with family and friends like we're used to, but you can still set off fireworks and enjoy the hot weather

According to the City of Toronto site on fireworks safety, Victoria Day and Canada Day are the only holidays where you're allowed to set off family fireworks on your private property without a permit. 

Family fireworks are classified as low-hazard fireworks for recreation including sparklers, pinwheels, fireworks showers and lawn lights.

On other days, you will need a permit from the Toronto Fire Services or you may be fined $500 under the Fireworks Bylaw.

During the summer of 2020, the illegal use of fireworks and related safety incidents heavily increased with 172 fireworks-related incidents.

The rules stipulate you cannot set off fireworks in a City park, street, a parking lot or any private property that is not your own or you may be fined $300 under the Parks Bylaw.

Further recommendations from the city include buying fireworks from a business displaying a City-issued fireworks vendor permit, reading and following the manufacturer's label directions and setting off the fireworks in a proper sized yard with no buildings or trees nearby.

Fireworks should also be buried at least half their length into a bucket of sand if portable firing bases are not available — ensuring each piece is firmly supported and aimed away from people.

For protection, individuals should light the fireworks at arm's length and keep their face turned away. The person setting off fireworks must be over 18 and wearing eye protection.

When the fun is over, the website highlights the importance of the proper disposal of fireworks, as they can cause fires in waste collection vehicles and at facilities. A key note is to never put used or unused fireworks in the Blue Bin.

Despite the stated rules, plenty of illegal fireworks were set off in Toronto last summer. If you notice any this year, you can contact 311.

If you've already made a few plans for May 2-4, make sure you're also familiar with the Victoria Day rules before getting hit with fines that may ruin your long weekend.

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