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Someone keeps setting off fireworks in Toronto and people don't know who to call

Nearly every night someone is setting off fireworks in a Toronto neighbourhood and residents are getting tired.

Fireworks are allowed on private property in Toronto without a permit — but only on Victoria Day and Canada Day.

Residents in the Facebook Parkdale Community Updates say the fireworks have led to sleepless nights and the calls to authorities don’t seem to be working.

The fireworks started around two weeks ago, Parkdale resident Loretta Ebsary told blogTO.

“For the last two weeks, almost every night, last night – 1 a.m., people are calling and nothing is getting done at all,” said Ebsary. “All the police are too busy.”

Ebsary said she hasn’t slept well since it started. It is impacting her work performance during the day, she added.

She isn’t alone.

“Look, I’m sure a lot of people love fireworks, including myself, but 1 am is excessive, especially if you have work or commitments the next day, plus dogs are not enthused,” said one person on Facebook.

Early Friday morning, a Parkdale resident posted a video shot at 1 a.m. from her window. The fireworks appeared to be coming from under a bridge near Jameson and Springhurst.

“This has been going on every night for a month. The non-emergency police line was contacted. Hopefully they find somewhere new to set off fireworks soon,” the Facebook post read.

While many people are annoyed by the nightly noise, some argue calling the police is not necessary.

“If you're not aware, there's a pretty big movement right now based on the aggressive policing of minor infractions at a disproportionate rate. Calling the cops. In July. Because of fireworks. When you live in PARKDALE,” one person said.

A City of Toronto spokesperson said there are a few things residents can do if they want to report illegal fireworks.

“If a resident is concerned that the discharge of the fireworks is dangerous or has caused a fire, they should call 911,” the spokesperson said. “If a resident wants to report fireworks being set off on private property on days other than Canada/Victoria Day they can call 311.”

She added that 311 will transfer the call to Fire Prevention line Monday to Friday during business hours. If the resident calls after hours, 311 will provide the office number for the Fire Prevention line for the resident to call back to report during business hours.

If the resident wants to report fireworks being set off at any time in a city park, they should call 311 and 311 will create a service request for the city’s Municipal Licensing and Standards to investigate.

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