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It's going to feel like 34 C in Toronto this week

Now that Toronto has gotten through that random spell of chilly, grey days that made us all feel a little more miserable earlier this month, things are finally looking up for the city, climate-wise, with temps slated to feel as high as 34 C this week.

That's right, proper summer weather is finally upon us, with temps slated to reach between 25 and 28 C from Tuesday to Sunday, with humidex values in the 30s, according to The Weather Network.

Thursday will be the first day that will seem over 30 C, with a mix of sun and cloud and a forecast of 27 C, which will make it feel like 31 outside.

Friday will get even hotter at 29 C, feeling closer to 33 and leading up to a weekend that will be 28 C but feel like a deliciously sweltering 34 C.

Unfortunately, thunderstorms are also in the cards for both Saturday and Sunday, with a 40 per cent chance of around 1 mm of precipitation each day.

With the exception of the potential rain this weekend, the city will be hit with a healthy dose of sun over the next 14 days, though temps will be falling down to the low 20s next week.

Lows this week will be nice and mild, too, for all those residents who want to get out and bask in the weather into the evening — things will stay in the double digits every night, from 10 C on Tuesday night to as warm as 18 C on Saturday night.

With perfect patio weather now here, hopefully businesses will be able to open as soon as June 2, when the current stay-at-home order and shutdown restrictions are due to end.

In the meantime, citizens can continue to enjoy the city's parks, beaches and other outdoor spaces — though hopefully they'll be careful to clean up their garbage this time.

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