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Toronto temperatures to swing by 18 C in two days following spring snowfall

If the scene outside your window currently looks far more like mid-January than April 21, fear not, because spring weather is expected to make a grand reappearance by the end of this week.

Toronto awoke to a frigid temperature of -1 C on Wednesday morning accompanied by a blanket of fresh snow, prompting the typical moans and groans that can be expected when winter rears its ugly head roughly a month into the spring season. 

Fortunately, according to The Weather Network, the wet and wintry weather isn't expected to stick around for long. 

TWN's seven-day forecast calls for a high of 4 C for Wednesday with the snowfall expected to stop by the afternoon, but an overnight low of -2 C will make winter feel like it's once again here to stay. 

That's as cold as it's expected to get, however, and temperatures will only go up from there. 

Thursday's forecast calls for a high of 6 C and partly sunny skies, which, though still below-seasonal, is quite an improvement from today. 

And Friday will thankfully see the return of that beautiful summer-like weather we'd been experiencing until recently, with a high of 16 C and plenty of sun expected throughout the day. 

In other words, temperatures will swing by a whopping 18 C between tonight's low and Friday's high.

The weekend will be slightly chillier but still spring-like, with highs of 13 C and 10 C expected for Saturday and Sunday respectively. 

So don't lose hope, Toronto, because it won't be long before the summer season descends upon the city to cure those winter pandemic blues once and for all.

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CJ Burnell

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