doggie pit stop

Someone in Toronto set up an adorable neighbourhood pit stop for dogs

Dog owners often find their pooch unwelcome in Toronto yards and gardens but one person decided to encourage canine visits with a unique pit stop.

In stark contrast to the typical "keep off the grass" signs, a small patch of grass outside a Roncesvalles apartment building is now home to a "doggie pit stop."

doggie pit stop

A sign welcomes dogs to sniff and read their "p-mail" at the Doggie Pit Stop.

The pit stop is the work of a resident at Roncesvalles Avenue and Grenadier Road, according to a post on Roncy/Parkdale Friendly Neighbours Facebook group.

The doggie pit stop is a place for dogs "to come pee, sniff, dig and enjoy this space," reads the post.

doggie pit stop

Neighbourhood dog Otis takes a break at the sniff stations.

It's centred around a fire hydrant, which, as many people know, attracts dogs as a convenient place to mark territory and communicate with other dogs.

Around the fire hydrant is a scent gallery with many things to sniff including, according to the post, rabbit bedding, scent pods with herbs and dog-safe essential oils.

doggie pit stop

There are pee target spots. 

Raised garden tags are marked with circles for "target practice."Leaves scattered around are for dogs to sniff, pee and dig around. And there is a small "toy library" to drop dog toys and swap for something new.

doggie pit stop

No word on whether bad dogs get to play, too.

So far, most people think it is an awesome idea.

"I don't even have a dog but what a thoughtful idea," one person posted.

Others said they would be walking their dogs by soon.

"My dog will love this," wrote another person.

doggie pit stop

The Doggie Pit Stop is located at the northwest corner of Roncesvalles Avenue and Grenadier Road.

And still others planned to bring by toys.

"I have so many gently used/barely used toys and plush that Bentley isn't interested in!" another person wrote. "Great idea."

So if you are looking for a new place to walk your dog, this is a fun place to visit, or maybe provide inspiration for your own neighbourhood.

Photos by

Karen Longwell

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